Using The Proper Tool Or Equipment For Material Handling Jobs

Posted on: 14 May 2018

Handling materials of any kinds can be made easier with the right tool or piece of equipment. Trying to move materials with the wrong tool could cause damage to the item you are moving and could also result in injury to the operator of the equipment or a worker trying to oversee or help the operator move the item. Get the right equipment to do the job and if it is not readily available, you may want to consider renting it for a day to get things done safely and properly.

Lifting Materials Overhead

If you have some materials that need to be lifted overhead, the way you lift them is important. If the material is on a pallet, a forklift or telehandler can be the perfect piece of equipment to do the job but if the material is oversized like a steel girder or a heavy piece of equipment, a crane might be the best option. Each situation needs to be evaluated carefully and the appropriate machine brought in to deal with the lift. If you try to use a machine that is not right for the task, it can result in a machine that is tipped over, damaged or material that is damaged.

Qualified Operators

The operator that is handling materials and moving them, storing them, or loading and unloading trucks of materials, can make a big difference in your operation. An operator that has little to no experience on a fork truck, for instance, is not the best one to use for handling tough jobs. Using a qualified and experienced operator for the job is the best option so that everything goes smooth. Just because someone has used a fork truck to move some pallets around, does not mean they are the right operator to unload pallets of fragile or oversized items. Material handling requires some skills that come with experience and not every operator is right for every job.

Renting The Proper Tools For The Job

Sometimes you will have to move something that you do not have the right machine to handle. In these cases, renting the proper machine is one option and if you are only going to need the machine once, buying it does not make a lot of sense. With equipment rental companies being common all over the country, often you just need to make a phone call to get the right machine on the job site or work location you will be using it at. Prices can be very different from one are to the next and from one company to the next so call around if you have the time and look for the best price in the time frame you need the machine. If the rental company delivers and picks up the equipment, that may be enough incentive to use them over another.