4 Signs You Need To Buy New Tires

Posted on: 20 April 2018

Every car needs automobile tires to keep it rolling; however, they also eventually wear down and need to be replaced. Failing to replace worn or damaged tires can result in major accidents. If you haven't paid much attention to your tires, check out these signs you may need new tires.

Thinning Treads on the Tire Surface

The most obvious sign you need new tires is thinning treads. The treads are the grooves in the tires. These serve a valuable purpose: gripping. They allow the tires to grab onto the road, reducing slipping and sliding, especially in wet conditions. As the treads thin, the surface of the tire becomes more uniform, and it can no longer grip the road. You may slide while turning or even be unable to come to a complete stop in time.

Cracking Along the Side of the Tire

Over time, your tires may appear cracked. In some cases, a crack may not indicate a problem. It simply is a sign of age and normal wear and tear. However, some cracks are actually slow leaks. With a slow leak, you can still drive, but the tire is slowly losing air constantly. This forces you to constantly refill the tire, and unless you are using the right tools, your tire pressure is likely too high or still too low.

Bulging Along the Side of the Tire

One of the biggest reasons under inflated tires are dangerous is they can cause bulging. Bulging happens when air inside the tire collects in one spot, creating a bump on the side of the tire. The bump itself isn't particularly a problem as you can continue to drive on the tire. However, if too much pressure builds in the bulge, it can burst, causing a dangerous blow-out while you are driving.

Vibration From the Steering Wheel

If you've noticed some problems with your tires, but you aren't sure if it's normal wear and tear or not, check the steering wheel. When driving, if you feel vibration coming from the steering wheel, it may indicate a problem with one or more tires. Similarly, if you notice a thumping under the seat near the affected tire, you may need to replace it.

While worn tires may indicate a problem with your car, it is normal to need replacement tires. If you've noticed any of these signs, you may need new tires. For more information or to ask about discounted tires for sale, contact a company like East Valley Tire Outlet in your area.